Scheduling Workflow and Action

In Dynamics CRM, many times we need to schedule Workflows or Actions, but natively we can’t do it in CRM. There are other available options such as using console jobs and scheduling them or using Microsoft Flow to schedule. Using Dynamics Hero scheduler, we can natively schedule them without the need of external options.

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 Currently this solution works for CRM 9.0  and above versions. If you require it for other versions,please send email to [email protected] 

With Dynamics Hero scheduler we can easily schedule workflows in Microsoft Dynamics CRM(Customer engagement).

Create Schedule

Open Dynamics Hero Scheduler record by clicking ‘New’ and fill the fields  as shown below.
Name : Name of the scheduler
Process Type : Select Workflow.
Process : Select the workflow which you want to schedule. Note: The workflow must be available to run  on On Demand. Select as an on-demand process as shown below.
Selecting workflow as on Demand in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Frequency: specify at  which frequency scheduler should run.
Frequency Repeat Interval: This option is available only if you select a  repeat frequency .Example : ‘Repeat every X minutes’, ‘ Repeat Every X Hours’.
Start Date : Select Date and Time at when you want the scheduler to start.
End Date :  Select Date and Time at when you want to stop the scheduler.
Fetch XML : Specifies on which records workflow should run.In the example, I selected to run on ‘Account’ entity where name =’Dynamics Hero’.Fetch XML we used for this scenario is defined below.You can easily download it from advanced find.
 <fetch mapping=”logical” version=”1.0″ output-format=”xml-platform” distinct=”false”>
  <entity name=”account”>
    <attribute name=”accountid” />
    <order descending=”false” attribute=”name” />
    <filter type=”and”>
      <condition value=”dynamics hero” attribute=”name” operator=”eq” />
Next Run Date : This is auto populated based on the scheduling information.At this time ,our scheduler will run and execute the workflow.
 Once the information in the record is filled ,save the record. You have created scheduler successfully.Please read monitoring section below to monitor Scheduler progress.
Schedule workflow in Dynamics crm(Dynamics 365)
workflow Scheduler which we created  in this example using Dynamics Hero Scheduler

Monitor Schedule

Select In the above example we selected start date as ‘6/22/2018 7:40 AM’ .So the scheduler will execute ‘Test Workflow’ at 7:40 AM. ‘Test Workflow’ in our example creates a lead.So a lead will be created exactly at 7.40 AM.
We also mentioned scheduling frequency as 2 hours.So next run date should be 7:40 +2:00 =9:40. We can see that getting updated below.
Scheduling workflow Action in Dynamics CRM
Next run date of scheduler

We can monitor the entire process in ‘Scheduling Summary’ Tab.

Monitoring of scheduler created using dynamics Hero scheduler in Dynamics CRM
Monitoring Scheduler in Dynamics Hero Scheduler

If you have  have any queries or facing issues, please mail to ‘[email protected]’  and we will be happy to help you.

Scheduling global action in Dynamics CRM(Dynamics 365) using Dynamics Hero scheduler is almost similar to scheduling workflow  .But no need to input any fetch xml and select Process Type as Action.

If you have  have any queries or facing issues, please mail to ‘[email protected]’  and we will be happy to help you.

If we delete the Dynamics Hero Scheduler record, scheduler will be cancelled and it wont run further.However, it wont cancel the workflow which it triggered.In our example we scheduled workflow named ‘Test Workflow’ .If we delete the scheduler record ‘Test_Workflow’ ,no longer scheduler will execute the ‘Test Workflow’.But if ‘Test Workflow’ instance is still running, deleting ‘Dynamics Hero’ scheduler record will not cancel/pause the ‘Test Workflow’ instance. If you want to stop it ,you can do by navigating to system jobs and you can cancel/pause the ‘Test Workflow’ instance.

If you have have any queries or facing issues, please mail to ‘[email protected]’ and we will be happy to help you.

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